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Is it the same for everybody?

I heard someone ask an interesting question.  Which was “is Heaven the same experience for everyone?”

I think there are questions about the reward God has for us being the same for those who serve God all their life as compared to those who convert to Faith in God 5 minutes before they die and lead a very evil life prior.

The answer is maybe but does anyone know for sure and are there any clues in the Bible?

In the Bible there are references that some souls will be assigned in some system of Heavenly “pecking order” above others.  At least it sounds like God has different “places of importance” for those who please God the most.

Whether any of this is true or false who knows besides God?  It always comes down to Faith in God’s Justice.

In fact, everything about God is Faith based.  God does not directly reveal Himself to us.  It is God’s plan to ask us to have Faith.  God loves it when we have faith in Him.  Sometimes faith is hard to have.  People ask all the time why doesn’t God reveal Himself so we will know for sure.

Good luck trying to ultimately figure out why God does anything the way He does.  But God gives us grace.  When we believe, pray, and give in to His way and will, His grace talks to us in a way that just seems to confirm what we believe about God with out hearing His words or seeing Him.

Have Faith in God and see what happens to your soul!


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